Past Events



Adult Track

1st Place ($4,000): [Audience Choice Award $500]

Jolene Supp

Main Street Quilts
Wells, Nevada

2nd Place ($2,000): 

Greg Sklar

Wild Horse Project
Imlay, Nevadaa

3rd place ($1,000):

Joshua Bonner

B7 Products
Spring Creek, Nevada

4th Place ($500): 

Melinda Mort

Secure Exits
Fallon, Nevada

Youth Track

1st Place ($4,000): 

Paysen Jones

Pay-Jay Farms
Alamo, Nevada

2nd Place ($2,000): 

Tanner Huckaby

3rd place ($1,000):

Melanie Beardall

Beardall’s Sensations
Wells, Nevada

4th Place ($500): 

Sawyer Ratliff

Ratliff Builds
Elko, Nevada

Videos coming soon.

2021 Launch Rural Nevada Pitch Day (November 5, 2021)


Adult Track

1st place ($2,500, AngelNV Entry, Liz Heiman Sales Strategy Session):

Liz Woolsey

Stargazer Inn and Bristlecone Outfitters
Baker, Nevada

2nd place ($1,500, Founder Doctor Prize from Audacity Institute):
**Audience Choice Award ($250.00)

Billy Sage Williams

Big Timber Industries
Spring Creek, Nevada

3rd place ($1,000):

Taylor Parrish

AOE Greens
Carson City, NV

Youth Track

*All will receive: Creating a Value Proposition from Liz Heiman (Regarding Sales, LLC)

1st place ($2,500):

Kycin Manzanares

Spring Creek, NV

2nd place ($1,500):

Zander Heit

Sander Professionals
Spring Creek, NV

3rd place ($1,000):

Christina Howell

Howell’s Homemade Cookies
Spring Creek, NV

2020 Launch Rural Nevada Pitch Day (November 6, 2021)


1st place and Audience Choice award ($1,150):

New Tech Products, LLC.
Bruce Crater

New Tech Products makes the Tidy Oil Changer. It is a magnetic device that connects to an
oil pan and loosens the screw to change oil, which it directs away from the pan and into a catch basin. It changes a
dirty job into a white glove, mess less job.

2nd place ($500):

Goat Shell
George Skivington

Goat Shells are hard sided pop-up camper shells that fit over regular and long bed trucks
and come in two sizes. They are priced at much less than the one competitor that exists.

3rd place ($250):

GL Innovation
Gerald Laughter

GL Innovation makes battery interrupters for large vehicles and mining sites. Future
markets include electric cars and aircraft.

Additional companies participating in competition:

Watec Nevada, Gary Hines, founder, cryogenic desalination of water.

Little Rider Foundation, Joshua Peterson, founder, non-profit dedicated to
helping all kids learn to ride a bike.